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Pictures of Flowers – Tea, Shrub, Floribunda and Other Roses.

Series of pictures of flowers – roses, botanical family Rosaceae, a rose plant produces beautiful rose flower that is always welcomed in any garden. One of the brightest red roses is crimson red English rose  L.D. Braithwaite developed by David Austin Roses. This shrub rose is very hardy and will make and excellent border or hedge for the garden. Another rose bush has beautiful rose flower – Wise Portia also developed by David Austin Roses. Queen Nefertiti is a stunning hybrid tea rose. Its rose flowers can range in color from soft yellow-pink to apricot. This rose can make a nice centerpiece for the garden as it will not grow too big.

Awayuki hybrid rose

Gentle white hybrid tea rose Awayuki

California, USA
GPS Coordinates Latitude:34.2015, Longtitude:-118.2098
Date photograph taken:31-08-2008

Scarlet Moss rose is a miniature shrub rose and has amazing deep red rose flower and nice fragrance. Bi-colored Tequila Sunrise rose has yellow petals with edges colored in orange to red tint. Tequila Sunrise hybrid tea rose bush is hardy and needs full sunshine. Pernille Poulsen rose blooms abundantly with clusters of pink to salmon colored rose flowers, it is of floribunda rose type – product of hybrid tea rose crossed with polyantha rose. Stunning combination of dark green leaves and bright red flowers will make Lili Marlene floribunda rose stand out in any garden.

Hybrid tea roses are very special because they produce perfectly shaped rose flower on a long stem which is very desirable trait for making bouquets. There are many gorgeous hybrid tea roses such as Tan Cho, Amatsu-Otome, French Perfume, Mikdao. You can see and enjoy many roses at the rosarium at Descanso Gardens in Glendale, California.

Pictures of Flowers of Roses Photo Gallery

Hybrid Tea Rose flower about to open up

Hybrid Tea Rose Queen Nefertiti by Austin, 1988

Pinkish Rose picture, shrub, fully open close-up

Full flower of Hybrid tea rose Queen Nefertiti.

Red flowers and spiny branches of moss rose

Shurb Rose Scarlet Moss by Moore, 1988.

Yellow rose flower macro photograph in the garden

Blooming Hybrid tea rose Tequila Sunrise

Yellowish - orange - red single rose flower

Hybrid Tea Rose Tequila Sunrise by Dickson, 1988

Close up image of pink floribunda roses bunch with water droplets

Bunch of Pink Rose flowers, floribunda rose Pernille Poulsen by Poulsen, 1965

Red Floribunda Rose bush in full bloom, floral photograph

Clusters of Red Floribunda Roses Lilli Marleen by Kordes, 1959

Rose floral photograph, pink hybrid tea rose

Pink Hybrid Tea Rose Tan Cho by Keisei, 1994

Single yellow hybrid tea rose flower isolated against blue sky image

Yellow hybrid tea Rose Amatsu-Otome by Teranishi, 1960

Pinky Reddish hybrid tea rose flower fully open

Pink Hybrid Tea Rose French Perfume by Suzuki, 1994.

Red Rose flower, floral garden picture, hybrid tea

Red hybrid tea rose Mikado by Seizo Suzuki 1987

Floribunda rose Pink Blush Blossom bunch

Pink flowers of Morey’s Pink Floribunda Rose by Morey, 1994

Crimson Red English rose and flower buds in the garden, hybrid rugosa

Flowering red shrub rose L.D. Braithwaite by D. Austin

Pink flowering Shrub rose in the rosrium

Pink Shrub Rose Wise Portia by Austin, 1982.